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How Can Lighting Control Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics?

A bedroom with lighting control gently illuminating the space.

One-Touch Control Lets You Illuminate Your Personal Design

Lighting can change how you feel and experience your surrounding environment. For instance, think about how a beautiful sunset or sunrise enhances a landscape and your perception of it. So why wouldn't lighting have the power to transform your interior design? A professionally installed lighting control system and design will bring out the best of your Frisco, TX home.

With just the tap of a button, give your interiors the shine they deserve. Keep reading below to learn how this smart solution enhances your personal surroundings!

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Highlight Your Artwork & Architecture

Did you know that a lighting fixture can dramatically revitalize how a space is experienced and perceived? If you have beautiful artwork you want on display, showcase it with wall sconces and lighting that turn on to specifically highlight them. Set them to a timer so that the lighting turns off at certain times to prevent fading on antiques, or manually turn them on when you have guests over.

Other types of fixtures, like pendants or overhead lighting, can highlight how large a room is or add to the elegance of a space, bringing out the stunning architecture that is unique to your home. Switch up how your lighting affects every room on a whim, depending on if you’re hosting guests, decorating for the holidays, or relaxing at home. It only takes one tap of a button on your smart device with a centralized lighting control system.

Create a Customized Atmosphere in Every Room

With the option to create scenes, you can customize each room to become the exact setting you want at that moment. Create the ideal atmosphere with just the tap of a button. Adjust lighting color, tone, and brightness depending on what mood you’re trying to achieve. For example, illuminate your kitchen in the morning while you meal prep, read by a candlelight glow in the living room, orimmerse yourself in darkness to take in a movie in your media room.

Let DeVance Electronic Lifestyle Assist You

A proper lighting design starts with DeVance Electronic Lifestyle! Leave it to our professionals to create a lighting solution that caters to your home’s unique layout and needs. Our team of experts knows that each property requires specific attention to detail to design your desired lighting environment across your entire home. From start to finish, our integrators will take great care of your lighting installation and deliver a final project that best serves your living spaces!


Ready to learn more about upgrading your home’s lighting control setup and design? Give our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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