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Gear Up for the Holidays with a Whole House Audio/Video Upgrade

Gear Up for the Holidays with a Whole House Audio/Video Upgrade

In the coming months, you’re likely going to get a lot more use out of your televisions and music systems. From Christmas celebrations to Super Bowl parties, it’s important to ensure your whole house audio/video system is ready with top-notch sound and visual quality. If you think the system in your Dallas area home might not be up to the task, keep reading to learn about all the latest upgrades you can take advantage of.

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4K Ultra HD Displays

4K Ultra HD is quickly becoming the standard for televisions throughout the USA. The TVs have four times the pixels of regular HD TVs, and the difference in visual quality is like night and day. When 4K televisions first debuted years ago, their high cost and lack of content filmed in 4K meant that they were typically only found in the homes of technology early adopters. Now, however, 4K TVs are quite affordable, and almost every new show or movie is filmed in 4K. You can even now watch live sporting events in 4K, creating such a lifelike picture, you’d swear you were sitting in the bleachers. 

So whether your Thanksgiving tradition is to watch the Macy’s Day Parade in the morning or cheer on the Dallas Cowboys in the afternoon, upgrading to 4K is a sure-fire way to make the experience more enjoyable.

Multi-Room Music Systems

Music is an integral part of creating the perfect atmosphere for holiday parties. Instead of fumbling around with multiple remotes, struggling to get all of the different stereo systems throughout your home to play the same songs, upgrade to a multi-room music system. With a multi-room setup, you can easily choose your favorite Christmas playlist and enjoy high-fidelity music in every room of your home.

Of course, not everyone in the family may be in the Christmas spirit, but that’s okay! Multi-room systems separate your audio into different zones. So while you’re relaxing to the sound of Christmas carols, other family members can jam out to their favorite genres without affecting each other’s listening experience.

Effortless Control of Everything

When you have guests over for the holidays, you shouldn’t have to spend five minutes explaining which remote goes with which device and how to get the television to start playing A Charlie Brown Christmas. Instead, you can get rid of all of your remotes in favor of one easy-to-use app! Right from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can access everything from your music playlists to your audio/video devices.

Of course, if you want an entirely hands-free approach, you can use Amazon Alexa to manage your smart home using just your voice! When the music gets to be a bit too loud for conversation, you can simply ask Alexa to lower the volume. Alexa can turn on your TV, search for your favorite show, and then start playing it—all without ever lifting a finger.

Are you interested in giving your home media system a fresh new upgrade? DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can help. To learn more about the possibilities for your Texas home, contact us today.

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