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4 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Commercial Audio-Video System

A gym with an audio-video system.

AV Should Boost the Atmosphere—Not Cause Irritation 

We’ve all been to a restaurant that was way too loud, forcing you to yell over your dinner. Then there’s the sports bar that, for whatever reason, cannot easily change the TV channel—or the gym with different songs competing between two rooms. 

Audio and video can greatly enhance your customer’s experience, but when installed poorly, they can cause more harm than good. You never want to irritate your customers with unpleasant audio and video. Here are four common mistakes to avoid in your audio-video system—and how you can ensure a positive experience in your Frisco, TX, commercial space. 

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Mistake 1: Neglecting Acoustic Treatments

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is neglecting acoustic treatments with their sound system. Failing to address the acoustic environment leads to poor sound quality due to echoes and reverberations, which can make audio sound louder and distorted. 

Avoid this mistake by investing in acoustic treatments such as wall panels, diffusers, and bass traps. These treatments minimize unwanted reflections, enhance sound clarity, and create a more enjoyable listening experience for your customers. 

Mistake 2: Improper Speaker Placement 

Incorrect speaker placement can significantly impact your audio experience. Avoid the mistake of randomly positioning speakers without strategic consideration. Improper speaker layouts lead to uneven sound distribution, resulting in dead zones or excessively loud areas (and very uncomfortable dining and shopping experiences). 

Collaborate with an AV professional to determine the optimal speaker locations based on your commercial space and audience. By strategically placing speakers in ceiling corners or along walls, you can ensure consistent sound coverage and create a seamless audio experience throughout your establishment.

Mistake 3: Insufficient Coverage

Are you advertising game night at your bar or restaurant, but only a handful of seats can see the TVs? Do you want to play music in your commercial space, but one area is overpowered by sound while the other end is nearly silent? 

Insufficient coverage is another mistake that can compromise the audio and video experience. Before installing anything, conduct a thorough analysis of your space and consult with AV experts to determine the appropriate number of speakers and screens for consistent coverage. 

Worried that it will be difficult to control more displays or speakers? An integrated control system (more on that next) makes it easy to manage all your devices.  

Mistake 4: Ineffective Controls 

If the music stops playing or you need to switch video content, do you have a quick and simple way to make changes? Your audio-video system should be easy to manage for anyone on staff. 

You can avoid delays and confusion by implementing a sophisticated smart control system. Through one interface, you can adjust volume levels, switch inputs, and schedule playlists. Consider intuitive control interfaces like touch panels or mobile apps that provide centralized control over various AV devices. In commercial spaces, we recommend using a high-end system like Crestron to handle all your AV. 

If your business could benefit from new audio, video, and automation, DeVance Electronic Lifestyle is here to help. Contact our AV professionals here to ask us any questions and learn more about our audiovisual services today! 

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