Protect Your Business with a Top-Notch Surveillance System

Protect Your Business with a Top-Notch Surveillance System

Keeping your Dallas, TX business safe and secure can feel like a daunting task at first. If you have a large commercial building and a lot of employees, you might think you need to be everywhere at once in order to ensure they’re all safe.

But surveillance systems take away this stress. With cameras installed throughout your building’s exteriors and interiors, you can rest assured that every employee is well-protected on a daily basis. So, how exactly do surveillance cameras benefit your smart commercial security system – and how can Idis cameras take your coverage up to the next level?

Keep reading below to learn more about this security solution and why it’s a must for your company building.

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Surveillance Features

Keeping your eyes on everything at once during your company’s daily operations is next to impossible. Sometimes, you might wish there could be more than one of you to take care of things! But with your commercial security and surveillance, you can’t afford to compromise or stretch yourself thin in order to guarantee your company’s safety.

That’s why surveillance cameras are so necessary for your business. Plus, they aren’t a hassle to use or manage in the slightest. With a smart device – whether it’s your smartphone or tablet – you can check in on any area of your building that has a camera.

You can check out if a suspicious figure has been hanging around your office building’s entrances, or if a car has remained parked out front that shouldn’t be there. Watch footage live or record it to view later so that you can go over it with other employees if need be. You can even give your staff access to the system with different passcodes to let them monitor who arrives and leaves before and after hours and make other adjustments.

360-Degree “Fisheye” Cameras

What if you could eliminate the need for an abundance of cameras throughout your entire company property. “Fisheye” cameras like ones from Idis take away the necessity of lining up surveillance cameras at every possible angle and corner of your building.

With a fisheye camera, you can capture every area, conference room, hallway, and open space – with only a handful of cameras placed in a vicinity. The fisheye feature gives you a wider, more expansive field of view. You’ll be able to see multiple areas at once, not just an end of a hallway, but both ends and every space along the way. It’s a 360-degree view that, with the right placement, can give you access to your entire company building with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

Want to learn more about commercial surveillance systems and how fisheye cameras significantly improve your security? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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