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At all times, but especially these days, a robust smart home network connection is critical for working from home or entertaining your family while you find yourselves stuck inside. But what if your network starts acting up?

You deserve professional support and assistance for your home networking system, always. DeVance Electronic Lifestyle is here to guarantee a fast-working, reliable connection that delivers quality performance now and in the long run.

Want to learn how we can keep your system and whole Dallas, TX smart home up and running as it should, even during this period of uncertainty? Keep reading on below.


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Strong, Dependable Network Connection

While you potentially adjust to working remotely from home or spending your days inside, you don’t want to deal with buffering screens and loading times that only delay and frustrate. With a professional home network installation, you can rest assured that your connection can handle every smart device in your home.

An upgraded bandwidth and additional routers and wireless access points keep your video calls from dropping and your movies and video games from glitching in the middle of play. The whole family can enjoy this time indoors with a professional network upgrade from our team.


Safe and Secure System

Now you might find that you’re transferring and sending more private and sensitive data – both work and personal related – via your network. If your network is vulnerable to hackers and intruders, your important information and data could be at risk!

Our team puts the proper firewalls and VPNs in place and installs updates regularly to make sure your network connection is always safe and secure. Never worry about identity theft, or work documents getting hacked – we’ve got you covered.


Constant Remote Support

If you have a DIY or off-the-shelf network system, you can never know when it’ll give out or fail you. And if and when that does happen, you’re the one left to repair it. This causes headaches and more than likely results in you having to buy a new router or spending a lot more money on a fix.

A professional installation from us means you have our network support services at all times – from the moment your network is upgraded to down the road when it might have an issue.

And even better for this time – we offer remote support services as well! This means we can monitor and check when a problem pops up for your network and can identify and address the issue before you even notice it. And if you are dealing with a glitch or are seeing slow loading times all of a sudden – we are only one call away to reboot and get your network back to normal in mere moments. It’s that simple when you work with a professional smart home company.


Want to find out even more about our home networking services? We’re here for both installation and long afterward. Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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