Have you been considering a whole-house audio installation for your Frisco, TX, home? Maybe you’ve worked with us before for a single-room setup, or you are starting anew with a fresh construction that you want to enhance with a robust, wired installation.

We’ll show you why DeVance Electronic Lifestyle serves as your premier resource for all things audio, and we’ll show you why you should trust us for every sonic experience.

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A Brief Day in the Life with Whole House Audio

Have you ever imagined how life would be different if you could wander through your house and experience high-quality audio in every room? We’re about to give you a brief tour of a perfect day after your DeVance whole-home audio installation, so keep reading.

It’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday, and you’re just waking up. Your bedroom speakers play your favorite dance playlist. As you walk down to the kitchen to grab your first cup of coffee, you can keep your energetic music going.

Now it’s noon, and you’re soaking up the Texas sun outside while you enjoy some lunch on the patio. Unwind with a playlist that helps you melt the cares of the week away.

Later in the afternoon, you can take a dip in the pool, and your music will follow you there. During the fall and winter, you can listen to the big game, or we can connect your outdoor speakers to some weatherproof TVs for endless alfresco entertainment.

As the sun goes down, invite a few friends over for a dinner party and drinks. Whether you want to dance all night on the patio or chill inside, wine in hand, the high-definition sound will complement any soundtrack you choose for the evening.


What Does DeVance Do When Customizing Your System?

Audio-Infused Rooms - Where do you want your music? We configure your audio zoning to direct music to any room, including bathrooms and sunrooms. No space is an afterthought to us.

Highest Quality Equipment - We refuse to use anything other than the most advanced audio equipment in our clients’ homes, such as MartinLogan,  Bowers & Wilkins, Origin Acoustics and other top brands.

Strategy-Driven Setup - At DeVance, we know that you can’t just add speakers anywhere and achieve the desired effects, especially if you’re dealing with challenging elements like high ceilings, outdoor environments or heavily furnished rooms. We look at your home’s acoustics during each consultation and identify how to achieve superior sound, wherever you are.

Your Unique Style - Some clients want to show off their gorgeous MartinLogan tower speakers (like those featured above), and others want to disguise their audio gear until it practically disappears. No matter which concept resonates with you, we’ll find the perfect speakers to complement your design tastes, furniture, flooring and much more.

Why Us?

DeVance installs and programs the Dallas area’s most customized audio-video installations, all while providing a superior customer experience. Not only do we have decades of combined industry knowledge that has prepared us for every unique installation, but we also back each project with support, just in case anything unexpected happens. Our talented integrators and detail-oriented support team ensure exceptional and sustainable success, giving you a convenient and luxurious home that you’ll enjoy for many years.

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