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Benefits of Lighting Control

Check out the benefits of Lighting Control for your Highland Park, TX home!

Benefits of Lighting Control
· Enhance Convenience - DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can program “scenes” to set the ideal levels of lighting throughout your home and automate your window shades for privacy and ambient lighting control. For example, pressing the “Goodnight” scene button on a keypad, smart phone, or tablet might turn off all the lights in the home except a bedside table lamp and lower all the privacy shades as well as the blackout shades in the bedrooms, creating the perfect environment for safely going to bed. Another "party" scene button may set the lights throughout the family room, kitchen, and patio areas to a mid-level while setting the shades in these areas halfway down so you can create a fun and relaxed environment perfect for entertaining. Whether you are out of town or just outside on the patio, you will be able to control all these applications with one simple touch, anytime, anywhere.
· Aesthetics - Complete the stylish look of your Highland Park, TX home with beautiful architectural and designer keypad styles, a variety of options for keypad button configurations to suit your needs, with faceplates available in an assortment of colors, finishes, and materials to coordinate with any decor. DeVance works with both Lutron and Crestron products which offer an extensive collection of wireless dimmers, keypads, touchscreens, and a great selection of design options for shades and custom drapery controls as well.
· Safety & Security - One of the benefits of integration is that we will tie all your systems together to create added layers of security and ward off potential intruders. In the middle of the night, for example, if you hear a noise and you suspect someone may be breaking in, you can press the "all on" button, and when all the lights turn on inside and around the outside of the home, any intruder will be fully exposed and run away. When you are traveling away from home, you can set your "vacation" scene by a simple button press, which will automate all the lights and shades throughout your home to mirror your daily rhythms, turning on and off, going up and down, as if you were in the home, making it appear like someone is there, thus deterring thieves. We’ll customize your controls for the way you live in your home, so you and your loved ones will be safe while you're there and your smart home will be protected anytime you're away.
· Save Energy - While it is true that installing smart lighting alone will save a lot of energy--mainly because a good portion of electricity is spent on lighting--consciously controlling your lights will give you even more energy savings. Dimmers allow the homeowner to adjust lighting levels at any time of the day to optimize energy utilization. Having lights set to lower output levels will reduce energy usage, so especially during the day in a home with adequate daylight, using appropriate scenes to automate dim levels will enhance your lifestyle while reducing your energy costs. Since our systems are fully customizable, the DeVance team will create customized settings that save you the most energy.
Connecting your lighting and shading solutions allows them to work together to save energy, aid with home security, and enhance your comfort in your home. If you are interested in any of the products or services mentioned above, and you are ready to work with an integrator who stands behind their products, services, and people, please call DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, and our team will set up your free consultation. Call us today at (214)389-4985--we look forward to working with you to integrate your electronic lifestyle!



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